Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Models Own Hyper Matt Brite in Pink Hawaiian

Continuing in my quest to be more adventurous with my lip colours, I picked up a Models Own Hyper Matt Brite lipstick when there was an offer on in Boots. I got it in Pink Hawaiian, a bright coral pink.

They were not kidding when they called this hyper brite! It really stands out and is a lovely shade. I feel more comfortable in a bright shade like this than I would in a darker shade.

As ever it was hard to capture the colour of this on camera, but the above it fairly accurate. The lipstick went on easily, and needed few coats to reach its full opaque matt glory.

I haven't yet had the confidence to wear this out, but I am going to Malta in a couple of weeks and think this will be the perfect shade in the sun.

This lipstick is priced £6 and available from Boots or the Models Own website.

Have you tried any Models Own lipsticks?


  1. That's a lovely shade on you! And it will definitely look great in the sun - it's a kind of tropical colour and so perfect for your holiday in the sun.

    I just always struggle to keep lipstick from coming off, which is part of the reason I almost never wear it. I'll put it on, then before I've even left the flat to go out, it will have transferred itself from my lips to my toothbrush, my towel, the glass I've been drinking from.....and hey presto! No more lipstick on my lips! Any good tips for keeping it staying put??

  2. I've just found your blog and I love it! You've got some great posts here! New follower xx



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