Monday, 20 May 2013

Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling

  Photograph by Graham Wylie.  

It was Mama Pom's 60th birthday a couple of weeks ago and we went to see Scottish Ballet's latest production, Highland Fling. I enjoyed it so much I contacted their Communications manager and blogger Ann for some photos to share. 

The ballet is based on a traditional ballet La Sylphide, but has been given a contemporary adaptation by Matthew Bourne,  a choreographer who was won many awards. Now i'll be the first to admit that my dance knowledge is virtually non-existent, and sometimes I don't really 'get' it. I find with things like this its always good to get a programme and have a wee read of the synopsis, so you have an idea of the storyline before it starts!

 Photograph by Graham Wylie.  

The ballet is a love story, set in Scotland (funnily enough). This means that there were some great sets and costumes, all retro and tartan.  I particularly liked the opening scene set in the toilets of a club! Without spoiling the story too much, it is about a guy called James-

Photograph by Graham Wylie.  
who spends the whole time in a kilt, and is engaged and then married to a girl called Effie. However, a Sylph comes along and steals his heart-
Photograph by Graham Wylie.  

The show is full of mesmerising dances, great music, and was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a perfect birthday night out for my mum, which my whole family enjoyed. I have only been to the ballet a few times, the last time before this being at a blogger event kindly put on by Scottish Ballet. Unfortunately at the time I was struggling a bit with things and didn't blog about it or express my gratitude, but it was amazing. Having been to these productions I would definitely recommend a trip to the ballet to anyone, and am already planning to go and see Scottish Ballet's Hansel and Gretel which is on in December. As well as this, I want to try and go to the theatre more generally, as its nice to get out and do different things, get my culture on!

If you live in Edinburgh Highland Fling is on at the Festival Theatre from the 22nd-25th of May, and there are still tickets available.

Have you been to the ballet?


  1. aw lovely post lady, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) x

  2. Thought I'd have a wee catch-up with your blog tonight, and this entry ties in very nicely with my recently-made plans to go and see Hansel and Gretel with Hell's Bells in December! Hope I enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the Highland Fling



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